Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Further Dissection of Haiku

Crossing the football field

Denotative: football, games, fields, players, lines, goals, yards, grass, paint, mud, shoe print,
Connotative: playfulness, devotion, structure, victory, happiness, fun, competition, defeat, youth, motion,

Coming home from work –

Denotative: house, building, walking, job, suit, office, coffee, skyscraper, chair, computer,
Connotative: warmth, affection, family, love, relaxation, prison, exhaustion, hate, transition, change,

The lonely businessman.

Denotative: hat, trench coat, suitcase, suit, slave, papers, chains, shoes, pants, man, human
Connotative: loneliness, alienation, attention, sadness, depression, serious, solemn, neat, efficient, repetitive,

Monday, October 27, 2008


Crossing the football field
coming home from work -
the lonely businessman.

post its,
hole puncher,
paper clips,
trench coat,
push pins,
rubber bands,
packing material,

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Line Studies

The line studies were an interesting project, which I enjoyed greatly. Both formal and conceptual sides of the project sparked my interest. On the formal side, it was interesting to see how I could manipulate lines, from basic vertical, to vertical and horizontal, to diagonal or curved. All these steps built on each other, bringing a clear construct of visual form to the paper. On the conceptual side, I learned a great deal trying to abstractly represent words with lines, then bringing emotions of the same line studies.

However, the last step of the project, the pairing of the real world with abstract line compositions was the most fascinating part. Both with formal and conceptual juxtapositions, I learned how graphics on the page can so easily relate to real world objects and places.

There were some nice surprises along the way. Almost all my pictures ended up with brick in them; an unintentional, but helpful coincidence. Although my craft vastly improved from last time, I was still surprised at how nice the book came out looking. Also, I believe the process was much more important in this project, since, as I already mentioned, the steps built on one another. It was satisfactory to look through my process binder and clearly see the developing path which led to the final product.

Monday, October 6, 2008

One of my all time favorite graphic designers is Storm Thorgerson. Having worked with Hipgnosis, a UK graphic design group, he worked on some of the most famous album covers in rock history. He created the Dark Side of the Moon, along with all other Pink Floyd covers, several covers for Led Zeppelin, and many more. He defintely utilizes a lot of different design elements we have been discussing and I would recommend looking at his work.