Friday, February 26, 2010

Type 4 | More Experiments

Some more experiments in "forced interactivity." Will you use your family as a doormat? Will you wash your health down the drain? I still have to get more stable documentation, I will use a tripod, as Tyler has suggested. I am now considering also the way I would show this documentation of these temporal events. I was thinking of a quick movie/slideshow. Also, the way I print some of these things might be interesting in a book. I don't know yet, but hopefully I will soon!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Type 4 | Changes

It is interesting, that in some places, weather changes make the type more legible, while in others it obscures it. Very cool.

DSN305 | Inspiration

Breaking the design standards: Stereotypical Packaging

You can find more pictures here, even though the text is in German.

Type 4 | More Experiments

Something I learning is I have to think of new ways of engaging the user, because it is hard to get them to interact with my type. Maybe there is a way of making it in places where they can't avoid it. Also, making my type outside more legible outside is something I need to consider, how I can do that.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

DSN305 | Project Brief

The Scenario:

natural order wellness (now), a long-time oem and supplier of ingredients for natural wellness, health and beauty products is entering a cooperative venture with several investors to develop and market products of its own. potential products include fortified water, soda/cola, vitamins, diet supplements, household cleaners,
beauty or other personal care items marketed under the brand name acme.

this new product line will leverage now’s competency in producing products of unparalleled quality and effectiveness while containing natural ingredients. the new acme products will also continue their interest earth-friendly production.

although now’s ultimate goal is to offer its products through a worldwide network of company-owned stores, initially, the products will be sold through select retailers, specialty shops, and the internet via a company web store and will require a printbased
advertising campaign.

Initial Observation:

People who cook at home, especially amateur cooks don't really know how to use spices to make their food better. I, for one, never really knew anything outside of salt and pepper when making simple foods like steak or chicken. However, natural, organic spices can be used to add a lot of flavor to food, as demonstrated by my roommate, who worked in the kitchen of a restaurant.

Target user:

My target user is an adult (age 25-40) who cooks food at home, but wants to learn how to make more delicious food.

Proposed Strategy:

To get people interested in cooking more at home, I want to design a set of spice in different spice "kits" that would go with whatever the spices are best used for. These kits would be sold in most common grocery stores so that people see them when they go to buy food. To get people more interested in using spices, the print campaign will focus on why people should use spices.

Product Line:

A set of spices. Acme Spices.

Monday, February 15, 2010