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Book Cover

...or maybe,

The Sean Shockley Method: Scrap and Redo

The re-visualization of the project:

The Sean Shockley Method: Scrap and Redo

The re-picking of the poems:


Any neglect of many particles to a cracking, any neglect of this makes around it what is lead in color and certainly discolor in silver. The use of this is manifold. Supposing a certain time selected is assured, suppose it is even necessary, suppose no other extract is permitted and no more handling is needed, suppose the rest of the message is mixed with a very long slender needle and even if it could be any black border, supposing all this altogether made a dress and suppose it was actual, suppose the mean way to state it was occasional, if you suppose this in August and even more melodiously, if you suppose this even in the necessary incident of there certainly being no middle in summer and winter, suppose this and an elegant settlement a very elegant settlement is more than of consequence, it is not final and sufficient and substituted. This which was so kindly a present was constant.


Kind height, kind in the right stomach with a little sudden mill.

Cunning shawl, cunning shawl to be steady.

In white in white handkerchiefs with little dots in a white belt all shadows are singular they are singular and procured and relieved.

No that is not the cows shame and a precocious sound, it is a bite.

Cut up alone the paved way which is harm. Harm is old boat and a likely dash.


Luck in loose plaster makes holy gauge and nearly that, nearly more states, more states come in town light kite, blight not white.

A little lunch is a break in skate a little lunch so slimy, a west end of a board line is that which shows a battle beneath so that necessity is a silk under wear. That is best wet. It is so natural, and why is there flake, there is flake to explain exhaust.

A real cold hen is nervous is nervous with a towel with a spool with real beads. It is mostly an extra sole nearly all that shaved, shaved with an old mountain, more than that bees more than that dinner and a bunch of likes that is to say the hearts of onions aim less.

Cold coffee with a corn a corn yellow and green mass is a gem.


If the speed is open, if the color is careless, if the selection of a strong scent is not awkward, if the button holder is held by all the waving color and there is no color, not any color. If there is no dirt in a pin and there can be none scarcely, if there is not then the place is the same as up standing.

This is no dark custom and it even is not acted in any such a way that a restraint is not spread. That is spread, it shuts and it lifts and awkwardly not awkwardly the centre is in standing.


No cup is broken in more places and mended, that is to say a plate is broken and mending does do that it shows that culture is Japanese. It shows the whole element of angels and orders. It does more to choosing and it does more to that ministering counting. It does, it does change in more water.

Supposing a single piece is a hair supposing more of them are orderly, does that show that strength, does that show that joint, does that show that balloon famously. Does it.

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Those unimportant pages.

Ideas: Pathos and Logos



Research: Bill Taubin

The poster I re-chose is Bill Taubin's "You don't have to be Jewish to love Levy's" campaign. Bill Taubin was born in Brooklyn, and attended Abraham Lincoln High School. There, he fell in love with design, and went on to work for several Fashion Magazines as their art director, until he finally settled down with the agency of Doyle Dane Bernbach. He was heavily influenced by Alexey Brodovitch (yes, I know that is a weird coincidence) as well as Bill Bernbach.

This particular poster, or series of posters, because there were several in the series, uses the technique of Ethos to make a convincing argument for Levy's Rye Bread. The layout is simple and minimalistic. The tag-line "You don't have to be Jewish to love Levy's Rye Bread" corresponds with the picture of the man (who is not Jewish) enjoying his sandwich. This shows ethos because we trust the person who is enjoying the bread so much, as shown by the satisfied look on his face. It is a simple and effective poster.

Poem Book: Another Page

The Peom Book: First Concepts

This is the concept I want to go with because her words are very rhythmic and repetitive. Therefore I think it is better to go with this style.

Poem Picks of the Week

Pheasant and chicken, chicken is a peculiar third.

Alas a dirty word, alas a dirty third alas a dirty third, alas a dirty bird.

Alas a doubt in case of more go to say what it is cress. What is it. Mean. Potato. Loaves.

Stick stick call then, stick stick sticking, sticking with a chicken. Sticking in a extra succession, sticking in.

A large box is handily made of what is necessary to replace any substance. Suppose an example is necessary, the plainer it is made the more reason there is for some outward recognition that there is a result.

A box is made sometimes and them to see to see to it neatly and to have the holes stopped up makes it necessary to use paper.

A custom which is necessary when a box is used and taken is that a large part of the time there are three which have different connections. The one is on the table. The two are on the table. The three are on the table. The one, one is the same length as is shown by the cover being longer. The other is different there is more cover that shows it. The other is different and that makes the corners have the same shade the eight are in singular arrangement to make four necessary.

Lax, to have corners, to be lighter than some weight, to indicate a wedding journey, to last brown and not curious, to be wealthy, cigarettes are established by length and by doubling.

Left open, to be left pounded, to be left closed, to be circulating in summer and winter, and sick color that is grey that is not dusty and red shows, to be sure cigarettes do measure an empty length sooner than a choice in color.

Winged, to be winged means that white is yellow and pieces pieces that are brown are dust color if dust is washed off, then it is choice that is to say it is fitting cigarettes sooner than paper.

An increase why is an increase idle, why is silver cloister, why is the spark brighter, if it is brighter is there any result, hardly more than ever.

And the Rooms poem, but it is too long to post on here.

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Final Rhetoric Poster

For my poster, I decided to use the Treble Cleft symbol as a metonymy for the bass. Because the TC is standing in for the bass, it symbolizes Christian McBride's larger than life presence.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Final Combo Movie

Untitled from Dmitri Kozlov on Vimeo.

Final Action Books


Final Mailer

The Inside

The Outside

Here it is. I tried to show how William Baskerville shied away from humanistic form when he was making his typeface. The 18th century architecture reflects a move towards the "perfect" form, which humans were not capable. The colors I choose also reflect the neo-classical attitude of the time.

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Inspiration for Everyone

Here's a book I found promoting the Mrs. Eaves typeface. Check out the rest of the pics here.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I have added the building back into the mix. Now that I have scanned it is a much higher version, so I can enlarge it. I am much more satisfied with my layouts now.

Process + Refinement

I have iterated a lot more with my typography, using the Treble Cleft as a stand in for my merging of the bass and treble clef. From there I went to further refinement, substituting the merging and also color.

Friday, September 11, 2009

15 Iterations: Ideating

Welp, my favorite ideas are either the road or the treble cleff/bass combination. If I end up doing the treble cleff/bass, then it would be a matter of figuring out how I want to render it. There isn't much I can do in the sense of composition with it. Also, the road imagery could be very engaging, so I am also open to keep working in that directions.

Book Narratives