Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finalizing Book

I am close to finalizing my book. I know I have to put in connotative and denotative labels, but I don't want make my book heavy with labels. The feel of my book needs to be almost completely visual, and I think labels will interfere with that. I compromised by putting one word per page.

The way my book is set up: I have a careful documentation of my hats, front and top view, and on the opposite page I have a deeper meaning, that I connect with the hat.

Image Collection for Viscom

My story "His Hats" obviously required a lot of hats, so there are those. I documented both top and side view of 10 different hats.

I also needed to collect images the would reflect the perception I wanted to achieve with each hat, so I went looking online. I found a lot of images, but I found I didn't know what to do with them. So then I drew the general layout for the pages and wrote down what I wanted on each page. This way I could tell the story in full.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

VisCom Word List

My two word story is "His Hats."

I could list a thousand different hats, but I think I can say that I will use a great range of hats for this project. I can't help but think of Martin Venezky and his collection of materials and objects in his work. The spread in his book Snapshot Chronicles with all the people in the hats comes to mind. Perhaps I can take a few leaves out of his book. Haha. Out of his book.

Type/Image Pairings

I combined my pictures of glasses with the words I thought of. Here are the results.

Type II Words

My object is glasses.

Focus, intelligence, sight, clarity, impaired, blind lead the blind, identity, face, restrict, Ben Franklin, perfect, foresight, belief, sympathy, lens, hindsight, future, freedom, beauty, vision.