Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Multimedia | Communication Model

We have determined that five things are necessary to have a successful community. The first and foremost is a sense of belonging or membership. This gives you a status, which can result in pride, both on the side of the community and individual. Also, it lets the community become more than just acquaintances, they become friends and family. The second is the needs and life goals that drive an individual to join the community. Whether it is for personal, entertainment, or financial needs, the community exists to fill in the voids in people’s lives. Also, the learning of skills and knowledge is a need that people have when they form a community. Emotional interaction is the third necessity to form a perfect community. Sharing equipment, high fives, feelings and most importantly ideas lies at the basis of a healthy community. Within sharing ideas, whether it is person to person, or over the Internet, there becomes a snowball effect, where ideas come together to create a product greater than the sum of its parts. Sharing ideas also helps the spread movement in thought, which relates to our next idea. Community awareness is also necessary to create a good community. This means people invested in the community have to be aware of trends and updates, as well as the historical context of the community. People also have to be aware of the environment in which their community exists. This environment can be either geographical or virtual. Both play an important part in bringing the community together. Lastly, there is activism. If a member of a community does not act upon his beliefs, he will feel useless. Participation and change help keep communities alive. Especially helping make improvements and have a say in the community makes the person believe that they have the power to influence the community in a positive manner.

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